Dynatrope somatropin 10iu x 25 vials


Growth inhibition due to insufficient secretion of growth hormone, gonadal digenesis (Turner’s syndrome), chronic renal insufficiency in prepubertal period. Replacement therapy in adults with confirmed inheritable or nonheritable growth hormone deficiency.



what is Dynatrope somatropin 10iu?


Active ingredient: Somatotropin 4 IU (1,33 mg) / 10 IU (3,33 mg)
16 IU (5,33 mg) / 20 IU (6,67 mg)

Inactive ingredients: mannitol, glycine, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride.

Solvent: water for injections.

Dinatrop / Dynatrope: manufacturer

By the name dynatrope is meant the preparation of growth hormone. It is manufactured by Dynamic Development Laboratories, which was founded in, not so distant 2003. It is located in Mauritius, and the headquarters is located in a different place – in Port Louis. The company’s specialists, as well as the founder, have significant experience in the field of biodevelopment and technology, as well as in the development and production of medicines. The result of the company was the high popularity of dynatrope / dinatrop.

The combination of successful business ideas with serious scientific research, plus the company’s focus on producing only high-quality products (because it is about people’s health) served as an impetus for the popularization of growth hormone dynatrope and the further development of the company at a rapid pace.

Today, Dynamic Development Laboratories is one of the world leaders in the distribution and domestic production of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to her activities, dynatrope can now be bought in almost any country in the world, because the products are actively bought by pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the CIS countries and Asia.

The pride of Dynamic Development Laboratories is, above all, the quality of its products, responsible sales, and the active use of training programs and initiatives. Thanks to all this, dinatrop is a growth hormone, it is known and actively used everywhere today.

Dynatrope somatropin 10iu x 25 vials production

In order to strengthen its position in the market, improve the quality of existing drugs (including dinatrop) and develop new ones, the company regularly conducts research in a wide variety of areas:

  1. Infectious diseases and oncology;
  2. Metabolic disorders and anorexia;
  3. Skeletal muscular diseases and injuries;
  4. Hemophilia and cardiovascular disease;
  5. Burns;
  6. Male and female health.

It should be noted that during the development (including dynatrope), Dynamic Development Laboratories necessarily conducts first-priority toxicological tests, and then mandatory sanitary-chemical studies (including in the field of pharmacology). The production process uses the highest quality raw materials. All stages of the pharmaceutical production process of Dynamic Development Laboratories meets all international standards.

The composition of the drug Dynatrope somatropin 10iu x 25 vials and indications for use

Today, in pharmacies and sports nutrition stores you can buy dinatrop, consisting of the following ingredients: somatropin 1.33 mg (4ME) or 3.33 mg (10ME) acts as the active one, and as auxiliary substances: mannitol, glycine, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride. And, of course, water for injection is a universal solvent.

Before buying Dinatrop , we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of indications for its use, namely:

  • When diagnosing growth retardation in children as a result of a lack of hormone secretion
  • the growth that occurs during gonad dysgenesis (or in other words Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome);
  • If chronic renal failure is detected in the prepubertal period.
  • At an older age and in adults, the use of dynatrope is recommended in case of confirmation of congenital or acquired growth hormone deficiency as a replacement therapy.

Thus, the positive reviews left by patients after taking the drug dinatrop are the result of timely diagnosis of the disease and correctly prescribed therapy.

Dosage and administration of dynatrope 10 iu:

The injection of the drug is carried out subcutaneously, it is advisable to administer it slowly, not more than once a day and preferably at night. In order to avoid the possibility of lipoatrophy, it is not recommended to inject Dinatrop 10 units in the same place constantly.

Usually in the package, along with the preparation, a solvent is also included in the kit, in 1 ml of which it is recommended to dissolve the contents of the bottle, observing the prescribed dosage.

For this simple manipulation you will need:

  1. fill with a syringe the right amount of solvent;
  2. insert into the vial with dinatrop 10 through the cork;
  3. sharp “shaking” the bottle for better dissolution is strictly prohibited;
  4. a ready-made solution can not be used all at once, but if necessary. Keep it, while it is recommended no more than two weeks, preferably in the refrigerator at a temperature of from 2 0C to 8 0C.

It should be noted that self-medication with dynatrope is undesirable. It is better to consult a specialist who, taking into account factors such as the degree of growth hormone deficiency, weight, or body surface area, will select the most optimal dosage and course.

Dinatrop is a very effective drug, and therefore the price is very impressive. For various diseases and their severity, the following dosages are recommended:

  • For children with a lack of secretion of growth hormone, a dosage of 25-35 mcg / kg / day (0.07-0.1 IU / kg / day) is recommended, which corresponds to 0.7-1 mg / m2 / day (2-3 IU / m2 / day). For greater effectiveness, treatment is best started as early as possible and not stopped until puberty and / or even until the closure of bone growth zones. Early termination of treatment is possible only when the desired result is achieved.
  • In Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, when chronic renal failure in children is accompanied by growth retardation, a dosage of 50 μg / kg / day (0.14 IU / kg / day) is recommended, which is similar to 1.4 mg / m2 / day (4.3 IU / m2 / day). With insignificant dynamics of treatment, a dose adjustment may be required upward.
  • If we consider the situation with growth hormone deficiency in adults, then the initial dosage will be 0.15-0.3 mg / day (which corresponds to 0.45 – 0.9 IU / day) with the possibility of its subsequent increase, depending on the effectiveness. It is worth noting that a lower dosage of dynatrope is recommended for older people.

With the right dosage, reviews about the drug in most cases are only positive.

Dynatrope somatropin 10iu x 25 vials price and quality

Our store works only with original products from manufacturers, and therefore, you can be 100% sure of the quality of the goods purchased from us. In addition, only here you can buy the drug Dinatrop 10ed, the price of which will be only 16,200 rubles.

It should be noted that dinatrop / dynatrope is not produced in China (like most analogues), but in Iran. The manufacturer company has thought up a serious series of protective mechanisms that prevent counterfeiting of the drug, which includes:

  • Quality packaging;
  • Ceramic inscription on the bottle;
  • Two protective holograms;
  • An individual product number, the existence of which can be checked on the official website of the manufacturer: www.development-labs.com. There will also be information on how many times this number was checked.

Customers of the ka4ek.ru store also have the opportunity to purchase the drug in the following pharmaceutical form: lyophilisate for the preparation of a solution for subcutaneous injection in a dosage of 4 IU, 10 IU. In a cardboard box along with the instruction there are 25 bottles with lyophilisate and 25 ampoules with solvent.

Fake Dinatrop / Dynatrope today does not exist!