GHRP-6 (10mg) 10 vials kit


Growth hormone releasing peptide-6 (GHRP-6) is a first generation GHRP in the GH Secretagogues category of drugs, this particular category includes the peptides GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, and Hexarelin.



what is GHRP-6 (10mg) 10 vials kit?

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Product Name GHRP-6
Unit Size 10mg per vial
CAS No. 87616-84-0
Synonyms Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6
Sequence H-His-D-Trp-Ala-Trp-D-Phe-Lys-NH2
Molecular Formula C46H56N12O6
Purity >98%
Physical State Lyophilized Powder

Storage Although lyophilized peptides are stable at room temperature for up to 2 months, they should be stored desiccated below -18°C. On reconstitution, the peptide should then be stored at 4°C

Growth hormone releasing peptide-6 GHRP-6 10mg 10 vials kit is is a first generation GHRP in the GH Secretagogues category of drugs, this particular category includes the peptides GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, and Hexarelin.

The primary function of these peptides is the powerful stimulation of the pituitary gland encouraging it to produce more Growth Hormone which can cause the liver to secrete the hormone IGF-1, in laboratory animal tests, thi is improved the ability to burn fat and build muscle. As GHRP-6 acts directly on the feedback loop which signals the inhibition of Growth Hormone release, it can re-stimulate the production of Growth Hormone.

GHRP-6 10mg 10 vials kit is a Hexa-peptide which promotes food intake by stimulating the feeling of hunger and helps to increase energy metabolism. Research has shown that use of these HGH Peptides can increase lean muscle mass, strength, stamina and decrease body fat.

GHRP Family

GHRP-6 is known for being a big appetite stimulator, but it is not the strongest GH releasing peptide in the GHRP family. There are other members of the GHRP family we should briefly look at. This list is in order from strongest to weakest.

Hexarelin – The strongest in the family known to give the biggest pulse of all. Will create prolactin and cortisol side effects. Desensitization will happen regardless of the dose.
GHRP-6 10mg 10 vials kit – Second in the category, however, desensitization is unclear if used beyond saturation dose.
GHRP-6 – Third in the lineup for potency, and when shots are broken up, desensitization does not occur. Slightly creates prolactin and cortisol issues.
Ipamorelin – This mildest in the bunch, does not create prolactin or cortisol and at very large doses was shown to give a large release of GH without desensitization.

Dosing and Usage

Despite it being third in class as far as strength of GH release, GHRP-6 is still a potent GHRP and can be taken 2-3 times per day. Though there is a slight issue, GHRP-6 has been shown to not be as effective in the presence of elevated blood glucose levels. As a result, I believe the best practice for GHRP-6 dosing is to dose 2 hours after your last meal and 30 minutes before you take in any food, so that no interactions weaken the effect of GHRP-6. Taking this into consideration, GHRP-6 can be taken 2-3 times a day (approximately 3 hours in between injections) for maximum effectiveness with a range of 100mcg-200mcg per dose. Beyond these doses, GHRP-6 was not shown to be any more effective. These saturation points are why you are going to want to break up your administration times throughout the day to allow the receptors to clear.

Injection schedule

100mcg upon waking
100mcg post workout
100mcg before bed
GHRP-6 is not sex specific, so the same doses also apply to women as they do men. Like other peptides, GHRP-6 comes as a lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder in the amount of 5mg or less. GHRP-6 must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water and stored in a cool dry place like your refrigerator. Insulin syringes are the best way to administer the hexapeptide often subcutaneously or even intramuscularly.


The expectations from GHRP-6 should fall in line with any other form of HGH, but, of course, to get the very most out of your GHRP-6 it is often synergistically paired with a GHRH like CJC-1295 without DAC. Dramatic results may not happen overnight with any peptides; however, improved sleep and hunger stimulation should be felt immediately. With proper diet and training, users will find changes to physique occur within one month of usage. So, to recap, GHRP-6 is a potent growth hormone releasing peptide, but it’s not the most potent of the GHRP family. It has a strong affinity to cause hunger spikes. Used with GHRH, it allows users to release the maximum amount of stored growth hormone in their body. GHRP-6 may aid in some fat loss, but it’s better know to help with sleeping patterns, increase energy and increase in lean body mass. This is why bodybuilders are drawn to using this hexapeptie. Lastly, GHRP-6 is one of the only peptides that is known to actively increase ghrelin in the stomach.


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